How to remotely access other computer?

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Hello I am studying computer science. I need to do group programming work on computers with my partners. But we live separate hostels. You even can not connect our computers with LAN connection. We need to solve this problem. We need a way to access our computers easily. I need to work in his computer as well as he needs to work on my computer to find out the problems. Can it be happened? Is there any way to do this? Please help us out. 

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How to remotely access other computer?


Hi Richard,

There is a great solution to your problem. It is a great help for them who using internet and can navigate computers. You can work on not only your partner’s computer who is from your city but also you can work any computer which is from another country too. Just you need to set up the software and pair through internet connection. The software is named teamviewer (TV). You just need to collect its back up file. It is too much available over internet.

You can easily download that. Then set up this software to your computer. The installation process is just as any software. Tell your partner to do the installation also.  After finishing installation, you can connect through internet. You just need to enter your partner’s id and password. Then press enter. Now just enjoy the wonder. Your partner’s desktop is in front of you. You can also easily file transfer by this software. Hopefully you are looking for this kind of thing.

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How to remotely access other computer?


You can connect to your partner’s computer by making use of Remote Access Software. You and your partners only need three things, namely: an internet connection, Windows XP, and a valid email address or be logged in to Live Messenger of Windows 4.
By using the Help and Support tool, you will be able to control and fix any problems of the other computer. Here are the steps to connect:
1. You and your partner must log in to Windows Live Messenger.
2. Then one of you will invite the other. To do this, click on Start and select Help and Support.
3. Then Help and Support Center will be shown.
4. Go to Ask For Assistance menu, then locate and click Invite a Friend so that he will be able to connect with you with Remote Assistance.
5. From the contact list of Windows Messenger, select the name of your partner.
6. Then select Invite this person.
7. And then your partner will be able to see your desktop and he can manipulate it by clicking on Take control button. In return, you must click OK.

-If you exit Remote Assistance Window, it will be disconnected. And you need to start with remote access all over again.
– Your remote access’ speed depends on your internet connection.
– You will also be able to connect with the use of email address, invitation will be sent through email.

Good luck with your group programming.


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