Connect two computers for sharing datas

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I am a beginner. I want to know how to connect two computers. What are all the components do I need and which software’s are needed ?

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Connect two computers for sharing datas


Connecting two computers is very simple. You will need only the following component:

  • An ethernet cable.

You will also need to make sure that the network drivers for the two computers that you need to connect have been installed, and that you will do by checking from the device manager.

The procedure to connect will be as follows:

  • Turn both of the computers on.
  • Take the network cable and plug it in the network ports on both computers.
  • You should a see a green and orange light flickering on the network port to be sure that the network cable is working properly.
  •  You then go to network and sharing center >> Change Adapter settings >> Local area connection >> Internet Protocol version and configure static network connection settings there.
  • On one computer, put and on another, and then use the subnet mask as
  • Leave the gateway and DNS server blank for both computers.
  • Save the settings.

Once you have done that, go to network and sharing center >> change advanced network sharing settings and do the following:

  • Turn network discovery on.
  • Disable password protected sharing.
  • Enable public folder sharing.
  • Save the settings.

Once you have done that, you just go to My Computer, and then click on network. Therefore you will see the name of the other computer and you can share files with it.

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Connect two computers for sharing datas


You can setup a office or home base network to solve your problem. You need to buy some network devices. These may be routers if you are with in some specific area and you can also use a switch to connect two or more than two computers. You need to understand the networking tools and techs to solve your problem. But if you are using a router device then this is easy to connect two computer. It works on WiFi signals and you can set it in a specific area. You need to buy two devices to turn your network and then you need to configure the network for both of these device.

If you are using a switch then you need to connect two computer through wires to that switch. A switch is a network device that connects two computers or components. You can then configure the network manually in this case. You need to specify the network addresses as IPs and then you will be easy to run your network and to share your data over the networks on as many computers as you want.


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