Configuring Zoom Options in PowerPoint

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I have the most serious problem and I’m asking for your help. I am preparing a PowerPoint presentation to be use by my boss. I am using PowerPoint 2010.

The most important part of the presentation is the slide which made up of 15 different images and product names. How can I set the slide up so that my boss can zoom in the images separately to be able to discuss a particular product?

I hope you understand what I mean. He must be able to zoom out the expansion before zooming in the next image. I tried every trick in the book but I am stymied. I even considered PPTPlex but I learned that it is not compatible with PPT2010.

What do I need to do?

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Configuring Zoom Options in PowerPoint


Follow these steps

  1. First make sure your image fits the page then copy the image and paste it on itself
  2. Make 15 copies of the slide
  3. Select crop in the format tab
  4. Crop the image so that you get the part of image you wanted to zoom in the slide
  5. Now Expand this cropped image so that it fits the page.
  6. Now create a good entrance animation for this cropped image, you should set the timing and delay accordingly. To make look like it zooms from the image select the zoom in effect.
  7. Next create an exit animation.  Select the zoom out effect to make it look like it zooms out

Ok. Now you will be able to make a particular product zoom in then zoom out.

Repeat steps 2 to 6 for all the other 15 slides , cropping and enlarging the product you want in each slide.

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