Configuring Picasa as my default picture viewer

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I am not a geek in terms of computer, but I’m happy to say that I have a newly bought PC. There is Picasa installed on it. I can see the icon from the desktop. So I thought that it can help me edit and organize my photos. But when I attach my digital camera to upload my pictures there is no link to open Picasa. How can I configure my computer and make Picasa as my default picture viewer and default choice when uploading photos? Thank you.

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Configuring Picasa as my default picture viewer


Hi Barry,


If you've just bought a new PC, it probably runs on Windows 7. So for Windows 7, here are the steps on how to change Picasa as your default program for viewing pictures.

1) Go to Start > Default Programs.

2) Click the Set Default Programs link. A list of installed applications on your machine will be loaded

3) Select and locate Picasa then click it.

4) Click the Choose defaults for this program link. This will open the Set Program Association page.

5) Select the file types you want associated with Picasa then click Save.


Hope this helps.

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Configuring Picasa as my default picture viewer


Hello Barry,

It is easy. To make picasa you default application for viewing the pictures and editing them, you simply go to any picture that you have in whichever location of your computer and right click on it.

Click on open with, and in the next dialog box that will come up, choose picasa from the programs that will there. If it is not among the programs that are displayed then browse for it and locate its shortcut on the desktop and then click OK.

Check the box with " Use this programs for related files" in that dialog box still and then click OK.

You will have successfully made picasa your default picture viewer.


Lee Hung

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