Configuring Exchange Account on I-Pad

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Hi friends,

I recently purchased an iPad and would like to have my exchange account configured on my iPad, so that i can receive my emails on my iPad. 

I would also like to have my contacts and my calendar available on my iPad.

I saw an option to configure an exchange account and did try it but it is not working. My issues is that I want to be able to receive my emails outside of my network. There is a firewall on my network that regulates the internet traffic and open and blocks ports.

As far as i understood all ports are opened so there is nothing blocking the traffic. I have a fixed IP address and Outlook Web Access is configured to use that IP address. When I am at home I can just open my browser, put in the fixed IP address and use Outlook Web Access. But when I configure my iPod to use this information it does not work.

Please help.


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Configuring Exchange Account on I-Pad


Hi Anthony,

Here’s the quick how-to for getting Exchange up and running on your iPad.

Set up the email account first, and enable sync for Calendar and Contacts. 

First thing you must do is Install the latest version of iTunes. Back up your iPad. Connect to wi-fi network(important).

Now, as we move on, follow this steps:

  • Settings icon (click) then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars. 
  • Add accounts in Mail, Contacts and Calendar.
  • Tap the “Microsoft Exchange” icon

From Exchange account information: 

1. Type your Email address. You may need to enter an Exchanged Domain. 

3. Then, your exchange Username. Next is the Password

4. There's an options to modify the Description to something other than your email address.

5. Click Next. The iPad will attempt to auto-discover and configure the Exchange account.

6. Click Next and the iPad will verify the configurations.

Note: If your Exchange server configuration does not support Autodiscovery, it will fail (saying it couldn’t validate your account), and you will have to manually enter the Server name.

Hope this will help you to solve the problems.

By: Zen

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