Configure Belkin Router to Connect 3 PC Via WiFi

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Our house is WiFi zone but I am the only one using it, but now that my sister have her own pc i wanted to share my speed access to her. I wish to cap the speeds of my sister's net access something like or near to 100 kb/s, so that will be for (PC and PS3) for her and for may papa.

My sister's pc and I have PCE-N13 300 Mbps adapters while on the other hand my papa has some tp-link that also or which have the same thing as 300 Mbps. And the wireless router is from Belkin, so how can I make it? Any idea?

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Configure Belkin Router to Connect 3 PC Via WiFi


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Important read this:

  • Well you have a good router for that, sharing an internet will affect your bandwidth speed. (read about bandwidth here).
  • Using a 3rd class router makes the speed in lower quality. Tweaking router does not affect the performance of your Internet.
  • Make sure you have a good Internet speed 1 megabytes or higher is good enough. 
  • I recommend using this router Linksys or D-link read here.
  • Step 1. Protect your WiFi Zone read this.
  • Here's the instruction for connecting to WiFi Zone.
  • For Windows XP, 7 and Vista.
  • Step 2. Follow this link  (read carefully and understand).

Hope this will help.


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Configure Belkin Router to Connect 3 PC Via WiFi


To have a router at home provides Internet connection, wired and wireless connections. I haven't tried tweaking Internet speed yet but I am not sure how to do it. I need some information for this, I'll post it here once I get information.

You need to have at least 2 Mbps Internet speed to cater wireless Internet connection and PS3 to work fine.

Belkin is Ok and it's part of top 10 best router in the market because of it's name and popularity. It's cheap compare to other brand but this router can still gives good Interne speed. But this depends on how fast your Internet subscription is. If Internet speed slows down, ran a speedtest and check speedtest results for download and upload.

wireless G-rangeMax 240

Call your ISP to check if Internet connection is still getting good power level.

And I would recommend to secure your wireless connection so no one else can tap in your Internet. This affects Internet speed and might slows down your gaming console.

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Configure Belkin Router to Connect 3 PC Via WiFi


Dear Ronald21, 

You can easily share your WiFi connection to create your pa as a WiFi hotspots. It can be done by using some software’s. In this case you need a wireless adapter on your pc or laptop. There are several software is found in the market that also use for sharing of internet connection the name of two software are given below.

1.    Connectify me

2.    Virtual router


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