Conditional validation not enforcing rules

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Why does the conditional validation rule fail to restrict the rule set? I need to compare the current cell against the value returned by a function. I use this formula to prevent a person using the workbook from entering a date that falls on a weekend:” = (WEEKDAY(C4)<>2, WEEKDAY(C4)<>7)”. If C4 is the cell that containthe validation rule, What prevents the formula from forcing C4 to adhere to both restrictions?

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Conditional validation not enforcing rules

Hi Marco,
The purpose of the formula is to ensure that the user cannot input dates that fall on a Saturday or Sunday. This is exactly what the WEEKDAY function does and the weekday number is the output. "AND" should be included as shown below for the validation rule to restrict the input dates to weekdays.
=AND (WEEKDAY (C4) <> 1, WEEKDAY (C4) <> 7)

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