Concepts of Touch Screen Mobile Phones

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Good day everyone.

I'm having a project and its a technology idea proposal. The technology that me and my team came up is somehow related to touch screen technology. I need some experts to explain me the concepts of touch screen gadgets.

Are the concepts the same in Touch screen mobile phones?

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Concepts of Touch Screen Mobile Phones


The concept is all the same as touchscreens apply the technology that allows detection of touch of the display of a device. There are various touchscreen technologies depending with its construction and mode of transmitting the touch signal to the controller for processing. Here are some:

  • The Resistive that has several layers and resists outside forces like liquids, dust.
  • The Surface Acoustic Wave using ultrasonic waves and when touched, wave absorbed sends position of touch.
  • The Capacitive uses charges from the human’s ability as a conductor.

    • The Surface Capacitance where one side has a conductive layer and the other does not, and when this side (uncoated) is touched, a capacitor is thus formed and sends position to controller for processing.
    • The Projected Capacitance where a series of rows and columns of conductive stuff layered on the sheet of glass.
  • The Infrared that uses infrared LED and photodetectors.
  • Optical Imaging uses image sensors.
  • Acoustic Pulse Recognition using sound that is generated distinctly when display is touched.
  • There is also Mutual Capacitance, Self Capacitance, and Dispersive Signal Technology.


touchscreen-Dispersive Signal Technology

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