Computer keeps looping and rebooting

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Hi folks,

The problem is that, when I turn on my computer, the Windows XP logo appears with the colored dots scroll, then eventually goes off. The CPU fan seems to sound noisy, then it reboots. Later on, it's back to the same spot and reboots all over again. When I turned on the safe mode, it did the same thing. When I used an XP boot disk, still, nothing happened. It goes on continuously.

Please help.

Thank you.

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Computer keeps looping and rebooting


Try to hit the F2 button and the HP diagnostics will automatically do their thing. If it does not work, try to boot it up in safe mode. If neither will work, the problem might be your hard drive. The same thing has happened to me. Depending on how old your computer is, you may be able to have it covered under warranty. You will either need your recovery disk so you can reinstall XP or order them from HP for an additional 20 bucks.

I hope this will help.

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Computer keeps looping and rebooting


Hello there Ferdie,

There are several reasons for this problem such as: incompatible software like Antivirus and Firewall, parts have been damaged or overheated, and peripherals like printers and scanners’ incompatibility.

Here are some tips to be able to determine the root cause of the problem.

In Windows XP, the computer will restart without informing you of its cause. This is the case when Windows experience a system failure. So, to be able to see the error, you must modify its default behavior by right-clicking My Computer and select Properties. Find Advanced tab, locate Startup and Recovery, and click Settings. Locate the box System Failure, under it, is an Automatically Restart checkbox, uncheck it and click OK.

So, the next time your system will have a failure, a blue screen containing the Windows error will appear. It will show an error code, so write down the code and see this site: Meaning of errors or you could search Google to find any help.

There’s another way to check why your system had a failure. Go to Events log to check for error messages. Check Event Viewer by selecting Run and entering eventvwr.

Another possible reason for the reboot is overheated computer processor. To determine this, during the boot process, enter the computer bios by pressing Delete, F1 or F10 when your PC has just restarted. Then, an option will appear stating the computer’s temperature. The recent temperature and the temperature for emergency shutdown will be shown. Your emergency shutdown temperature acts as a safeguard. When the temperature of your PC gets too high, it will shut down itself to avoid damage.

You may raise your shutdown temperature or shut it down. If the temperature is the main reason for the reboot, then you might consider having a better CPU and case fans.

Good luck.

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Computer keeps looping and rebooting


Hi Ferdie,

I would like to know if there are any beeping sounds whenever the system is booting? If yes, then try to solve this issue by checking the graphics, memory or CPU. You can also check your power supply.

This problem may be brought by different types of viruses, mail ware or incompatible software which may try to reinstall the operating system.


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