Computer performance continues to fall

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What Happens with my computer. Every once a week my computer performance is decreased.




200GB hard drive – +


PSU500Watt (still good)

Though already done a lot of Tweak. Including Tweak to boot who wear Ntosboot. Its performance is getting slower by the day.

I'm sure not a virus, I just use Kaspersky as antivirus.

Already use GAMEBOOSTER (no effect)

Additional LOADING very long game, but when it is reinstalled quickly.

His game is loading VERY OLD even up to 10 minutes, namely:

Left4Dead1 (7Menit-+)

LEFT4DEAD2 (10 minutes – +)

FAR CRY 2 (Sometimes Freeze)

Though in my friend that his lower processor is fast loading only, Even months of not re-install.

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Computer performance continues to fall



Try to remove some of the startup applications just go to run then type msconfig then select startup try to select just a few programs to start. and if this doesn't help your problem try to defrag your hard drive and try to select the classic windows XP theme also disable some running unneeded process or update your video driver and what is your operating system?

If your running in windows 7 kindly downgrade your computer in windows XP and reinstall all latest drivers this will surely is the solution to your problem but are you sure that your computer is clean of any virus?

Scan your hard drive to double check for malware. Cause malware is the most common problem in here just do all these tweaks to help your computer running like it should be remember always uninstall most of the programs that you don't use much and always defrag your hard disk that your computer will run in its fastest and stable state

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Computer performance continues to fall


All specification of your computer are all good enough for gaming. Though updating computer process does help improved the computer performance.

In this case, virus is not an issue since you have Kaspersky antivirus installed but try not to eliminate this as the possible reasons. Because virus infections has this character that acts like a legitimate software but it reality it's a virus.

Your computer might have too much start up installed and this cause computer to slow down day by day. Try to disabled start-up and software that is not needed. This ensure that your computer will not use the processor too much, only when it's needed the most. You can configure your computer to perform this way. Disabled or stop the application that eats up lots of bandwidth, memory and processor.

You may consider upgrade more memory, RAM and processor. This really help improves your computer to ran faster.

* On the keyboard, press and hold down Ctrl + ALT + Delete key, then open the Task Manager

* Go to Processes tab and check the application that has too much bytes running

* Disabled any unused and unnecessary application that is running, so with in the Start-up tab

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