Computer Lags when Playing Games

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Hello experts,

My computer is an ASUS Q87-E/CSM Intel Q5 with 3.4GHz 750 EGVA PSU. I'm running Windows 8 on my 1TB HDD and 16GB RAM. The problem is when I try to open tabs in Mozilla Firefox or even in Internet Explorer or when I attempted to open a new program, my computer will lag. And its getting worst on opening more tabs.

Also, when playing games, it will have 3-5 seconds lag before I can open the game. And when it opens, it freezes. I tried to play the game without the disk inside the DVD drive, but the computer becomes unresponsive and lags on game for several times. With the disk inside the optical drive, I can play games but requires me to do massive multi-tasking. The lagging is the same without the DVD inside my computer. What could be the reason behind it?



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Computer Lags when Playing Games


Your system is not capable of doing multitask at the same time or playing games on it.

If you have “1600 MHX”, it is not ideal for playing HD games or doing multitask at the same time. It supports a Processor or RAM of maximum 1600 MHX. You need 2000+ MHX for playing games and doing multitask at the same time which boost your system speed.

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