Computer Keeps on Restarting !!!

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I have a problem, I'm new with this. I need someone to help me because my computer keeps on restarting. Whenever I turn on my computer everything looks fine and looks normal, I can even see the Windows Start up Page loading.

But from there the computer will show a blue screen that has I think some error messages (in a blink of an eye) I mean very fast, Its all gone, didn't have any chance to read the error messages, it will abruptly restart the computer and again it will do the same thing all over again and again. How will I fix this?

I was thinking of formatting my computer and re-install the system from scratch, to fix this, can someone tell me,

If there is still an option to fix this, anyone.

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Computer Keeps on Restarting !!!



Here are 10 solutions and tips for you to solve your problem.

Solution 1:

  • One thing to do is, clean your CPU. To make the computer work in a good condition.
  • Make it a habit, do clean your computer once a month.
  • It can help your computer a lot.

Solution 2:

  • And also try to look your settings in the Startup and Recovery.
  • Just right click My Computer and then click the Properties.
  • In the dialog box of System Restore, click Advance tab and select Settings under the Startup and Recovery.
  • Now, take a look at the System Failure.
  • You just have to uncheck the Automatically restart check box.
  • Click OK.
  • Then restart your computer.


If it doesn't work, read below.

Solution 3:

  • Sometimes the reason why computer automatically restart, is because of power supply.
  • If power supply used for a long year.
  • You have to buy a new one power supply.

Solution 4:

  • You can also resolve it by using System Restore.
  • You are going to Restore your computer from the last time that computer works good.
  • Just go to Start, select All Programs, select Accessories, select System Tools and click System Restore.
  • Then select the task of Restore my computer to an earlier time.
  • Click next, then in the calendar choose what date you wanted to restore then click Next.
  • And your system will automatically restart.

Solution 5:

  • Most people also encounter this problem.
  • When computer keeps on restarting, the most problem is the virus.
  • You need to have updating anti-virus to protect your computer.
  • You are going to scan your computer daily as much as possible, just to make sure your computer is safe.

Solution 6:

  • One more thing you can do, remove the memory Ram and clean it before you insert it.
  • If you have dual or more memory Ram, do it individually.
  • Don't insert them together.
  • Check them one by one just to make sure if one them have a problem.
  • If some of it doesn't work remove it and replace.

Solution 7:

  • And some of this case, the main problem is the motherboard.
  • You have bring your computer to the computer maintenance.
  • To check your motherboard and hardware.

Solution 8:

  • Sometimes playing games on your computer for a long hours makes the cause for this problem.
  • It can be overheating or your processor can't handle.
  • So you need to set the game to the lower level of graphics.

Solution 9:

  • And another solution is to check your fan on the processor if it is working properly or not.
  • You have to make sure that the fan is working and clean.
  • If not you should have to clean it or replace it.
  • Because with that, your processor or motherboard will be overheating.

Solution 10:

  • Software problems can be the cause of that case.
  • If you have a latest downloads before it happens.
  • All you have to do is to un-install that software.

Hope this solutions can help to fix your problem.

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Computer Keeps on Restarting !!!


John here is my solution for that.

During Startup:

If you are encountering the automatically restart problem before you can logon to Windows, then you should follow the steps below in order to troubleshoot the problem:

1. Start your computer and keep tapping F8 to get the advanced Operating System Options.
2. In the Options, select “Disable Automatically Restart Windows“, Windows will start loading.
3. Now most probably you’ll get a Blue Screen of Death.
4. On this screen you will find useful information about what was the cause of this critical error that Windows has encountered.

The most important information from the BSOD is the following:

The faulting module or file name, The name of the fault, Stop Error Code. If you get all this info, you can easily get what your problem is. After all of the above procedure depends on the kind of error you have listed. Sometime this procedure will work.

Recover Options:

1. Get your windows setup cd, and boot from that bootable system CD.

2. When everything already loads up, then press R to select recovery options. Then you will be diverted to a command prompt.

3. If the command prompt already appear, then you have to run Chkdsk /f, then wait for it to finish.

4. Then type "exit" to end it. Then it will restart your computer and hopefully it will start normally.

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Computer Keeps on Restarting !!!


Hello Dear,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us.

Dear you have no need to clean any hardware in this regard.

It seems that your window files have been corrupted.

Just your windows cd back to your CD ROM and re-install your windows.

It will fix your problem.

I hope it will help you a lot.


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