Computer has been shutdown but the fan won’t stop

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Hello everyone,


I shutdown my computer after using it but the fan won't stop. The monitor is already turned off but the fan is still working. I waited for few minutes thinking that it will stop but it didn't. This happened twice already. I need to turn off the computer voltage regulator to be able to stop the fan. I'm just wondering why it's happening? Please help me determine what the problem is. Thank you so much.



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Computer has been shutdown but the fan won’t stop


OK, this can be a affect of many reasons. I'll tell some and you see what applies to you.

1. If you are running Windows XP or earlier version this was a problem with them. To confirm if it is not a hardware problem what you can do is boot the system using a Linux OS (live cd is fine) and try shutting down from there. If it works fine the problem with some software. Try update / upgrading Windows.

2. Try cleaning the vents inside. Those may clogged and heat up the processor (or whatever beneath) . Then your fan is doing its duty even after you said to shutdown to cool it down!

3 If that didn't work or you were not on XP or earlier the problem could be a BIOS or MOBO issue. Try upgrading BIOS first. Still the problem exists it is your MOBO!

Try these in steps and see. You must solve it. Good luck!

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Computer has been shutdown but the fan won’t stop


There shouldn’t be a problem with your computer unless the fan still keeps spinning even after turning off the power supply. Some power supply fans have built-in thermostats that monitor temperature in the power supply unit. Since the power supply unit gets power from the wall (or the voltage regulator if you’re using one or a UPS unit perhaps), even if the computer is turned off it still be getting power. If it requires cooling itself further, it may leave the fan spinning until the desired temperature is achieved. It may keep on spinning for some time depending on how efficient your fan is in cooling the unit and how hot the air is where the computer is located.

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Computer has been shutdown but the fan won’t stop


Hi Anne,

I have experienced that before. Sometimes the computer might be just taking a little bit longer to turn off completely, so I will advice that you just be patient for a while. If it does go off after sometimes, then you have to go for the method that is not advisable for safely turning off your computer, which is long-pressing the shut-down button on your computer.

Sometimes the computer may be taking longer to shut down because it is closing many processes that you have been running on your computer or it is saving the updates that you might have done.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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