Computer hardware and networking system

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Hi everyone,

I have this situation.

I want to share files on my personal computer to the computer of my sister by using the only Local Area Network.

I already tried, but I failed because I didn’t know how.

So experts, please help me how to network the two computers in our home?

Thanks in advance.


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Computer hardware and networking system


Hey you have asked how to set up a connection between two PCs and required hardware.

I have written simple step by step procedure for you.

Just follow the steps.

1. Step: – you should have a cable of name TIA/EIA 568-B.2 CATEGORY 5e And RJ45 connector.
2. Step: – make a cross cable.

1st point 2nd point of cable wires


Cable each wire setting.

3. Steps: your computer has installed Ethernet hardware.


  • Right click "my computer".
  • Move mouse "computer properties".
  • Click "hardware" tab menu.
  • Click "Device Manager".
  • The device manager window is open.
  • Check network adapter.
  • "PCI Fast Ethernet NIC" is working or not?
  • If the NIC device is working then do the next work.
  • Else Nick device has cross simple then double click NIC device.
  • And "Enable Device".
  • Device usage: use this device (enable).
  • End work.
  • Next.

4. Steps. Create an IP address for both systems are not same (My network places).

  • Click: – "view network connections" in network tasks.
  • Right click: – local area connection.
  • Ex: Realtek RTL8139 family PCI.
  • Click: properties.
  • Click 'this connection uses the following item:'.
  • Internet protocol (TCP/IP) click "properties".
  • Use the following IP address.
  • Ex: –
  • 1st PC
  • Subnet mask
  • 2nd PC
  • Subnet mask
  • Click "ok" "ok"

5. Steps: dos command check connection.

  • Ping the IP address (another PC).
  • Ex: ping
  • They were checking the connection.
  • And message report.

6. Click on network task Firewall setting change.

  • Off (not recommended) both systems.

7. Check group are same in my computer properties "Computer Name".

  • Ex: "Workgroup".

8. Then plug in cable to computer pc1 pc2.

  • Then a message is displayed "network cable is plugged with 100 Mbps".
  • Then click "network places" and click "view Workgroup computer".

I have tried my best to give the solution.


Windows XP any new:

1.568 cable is made in cross 1—3,2—-6,3—-1,6—–2
2. Same workgroup name.
3. If you have a problem to generate to IP addresses so this is not important to computer because automatically assign IP addresses.
4. If Ethernet is not work/ not install.

You have installed it with "main board" CD.

  • Insert CD in CD Rom click "my computer" "properties" "hardware" "device manager".
  • Right click NIC device and choose update device click next to fowling instruction.

5. Firewall setting, antivirus firewall setting.

6. Ms dos command ping is must be using.

  • Ping command using in DOS.
  • If the message is Request timed out.
  • So you have a cable problem.
  • Of Workgroup problem.
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Computer hardware and networking system


Hi Kessie,

This may help with your problem:

If your computers at home already have LAN connections. Follow these steps to share a file to your computer.

1. Open your My Computer. Choose a drive where you saved your file. eg " Local Drive C:"

2. Right click on that drive then go for properties then click.

3. A Menu will pop out and choose Sharing and click on the blue colored texts and ok.

4. Then choose Network Sharing and security and run the Network Setup Wizard.

5. Wait to finish. And now you can access the files by looking at My Network Places and choose the shared folder and now you can open the files that you want to share.


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