Computer freezing while playing DeSmuME?

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Computer freezing while playing DeSmuME?

Can anyone help with this…..

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Computer freezing while playing DeSmuME?


Hi Ganiguni,
     If your memory is too low, your computer can't work properly specially when you are playing online games.
And with online games you can also get viruses. It will cause of computer hang ups. So, I'm giving you some solutions to fix your problem. Hope that with this, your problem will resolve.

Most reason for computer hang ups is having a problem in your memory RAM. Remove the memory Ram and clean it before you insert it.
If you have dual or more memory Ram, do it individually. Don't insert them together. Check them one by one just to make sure if one them have a problem.
If some of it doesn't work remove it and replace. By cleaning your memory RAM.
Follow these steps:
* Remove your memory RAM on your laptop then clean it using eraser.
* Rub the golden surface only and when your done with that.
* Get a soft cloth to clean the particles of eraser.
* Then insert it now to your computer.

Most reason why the computer hang up is because if there are many open programs and applications.
These remains in the memory, if it is too much for the memory to handle, it will hang.
Another reason too the computer hang up is of your internet connection, and you are running too many applications and opening many websites.
So, if you are multimedia user or a heavy internet user, then you are better upgrade your memory, at least 512Mb of memory.
And if you really love playing online games, make it 1Gb of memory.

If you are playing online games, you can also get viruses from them. Most symptoms of having viruses is computer automatically restart or hang ups.
So all you have to do is to scan your computer using updated anti-virus. Make sure that your anti-virus is updated and update it regularly so you can avoid viruses.

Sometimes playing games on your computer for a long hours makes the cause for this problem.
It can be overheating or your processor can't handle. So you need to set the game to the lower level of graphics.
Follow this steps:
* On the desktop right click and select Properties
* Click the Settings tab. On your Color Quality Scroll it down and choose medium (16 bit)
* Click Apply and OK.
* Then restart your computer.

Solve by System Restore.
Run your pc into Safe Mode(F8), press and hold F8 during the initial startup.
Then follow this steps:
* At the Windows Advanced Option – select Safe Mode and press ENTER.
* Select the Operating System and press Enter.
When your already in Safe Mode, the Desktop dialog box will open.
*So, click No to run the System Restore.
*Select "Restore my computer to an earlier time and click Next".
In the calendar, choose the day before when computer is working in a good condition.
*Click NEXT.
It will automatically restart your computer.

There is also solution for your problem using Disk cleanup.
Please follow this steps:
*Go to Start, All Programs,
*select Accessories,
*select System Tools
*then select Disk Cleanup.
Wait after the scanning ends. After the scanning Disk Cleanup Box will open
*select all the boxes
*click OK
*then select Yes.
When the Disk Cleanup utility done cleaning up and the disk cleanup disappear.
*Restart your computer.

Other steps to avoid computer hang up.
*Press "ctrl-alt-delete" keys at the same time.
*The windows task manager will display.
*Then click all programs that you don't need then click end the task.
*Then it will close one by one. If this will resolve the issue, then save.

Clean your Internet history data regularly.
Follow this steps:
*Go to start menu
*Click Control Panel
*Click Network and Internet Connections, then click Internet Options.
*In the Browsing History check Delete browsing history on exit check box and click delete.
*Check all the check box and click delete then click OK.

Software problems can be the cause of that case.
If you have a latest downloads before it happens. All you have to do is to uninstall that software.
Here's the steps:
*Go to start, click Control Panel.
*Click Add/Remove Programs.
*Then select for the software that you have downloaded before automatically restart was happen.
*And do remove those software that your not using anymore. Then restart your computer.

Remove useless programs, because they are just occupying other space and memory.
Follow this steps:
*Go to Start,
*click Control Panel then click Add/Remove Programs.
*Then click Remove to those programs that you do need.

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Computer freezing while playing DeSmuME?


There are several causes of the problem you are experiencing.

1.   Your computer may be infected with a virus i.e. one of the files of the DeSmuME game might be corrupted and this makes the computer freeze as it is unable to locate the file which most like might have been corrupted.

2.   Your VGA drivers might be too low or may need some update/repair.

In the case of a corrupted file, try installing a fresh copy of the game and secondly update your graphics (VGA) drivers.

Hope this helps.


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Computer freezing while playing DeSmuME?


Hi Ganiguni,

Here are a few things you might want to check that might be causing the issue.

1. Make sure that you are using the latest version of DeSmuMe. Latest version is 0.9.8. You can get it at

2. Turn off your Virus scanner. Since this is an open source application your anti Virus might detect it as a malicious file.

3. Go to "Config > Emulation Settings > Enable Advanced Bus-Level Timing"  – This is going to slow down the emulation of the game but will help you run most games.

If you still have issues with it you can go  here.





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