Computer compatibility recognition required – graphics in particular

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I need to know my pc's graphics compatibility for certain application purchasing. I do not have idea about how to determine a computers graphics compatibility and for these reason I will definitely need some suggestions.

Kindly someone help me with it.

Antonio philippe

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Computer compatibility recognition required – graphics in particular


To check your graphics card click on 'Start menu>Run' in the Taskbar. Type 'dxdiag' and press enter. Then Yes. Go to Display, here you can see all system video card statistics. The kind of video card you are having is shown under Name or Chip Type. If you don’t have a required graphics card to support the application then you need to purchase one.

And Definitely some suggestions need to be followed while purchasing a think like graphics card for pc. The compatibility whether the new graphics card will support your pc or not depends on your motherboard, processor as well as the power supply. While purchasing Graphics Card, take a note about the model of your motherboard, processor and power supply. As you have not mentioned any of this in your question, take a note and ask the seller or manager of store (who is well acquainted about Graphics Card) about which Graphics Card will support your PC.

Try to buy one having 512/1024mb 'Dedicated Memory' otherwise your graphics card shall share the memory of RAM. To obtain best performance from a graphics card, fully required power supply must be provided. In my experience, ATI graphics card performs best in AMD processors and Nvidia performs best in Intel processors.

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