Computer booting but no display

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When I turn on the power of the computer, it boots up but nothing is displayed on the screen.  The graphics card is replaced but still no display is found on the screen.

I also try to reset the BIOS by removing the battery in CMOS. I try to remove the Random-access memory i.e. RAM and reinstall it and get the beeps.   But there is still no display.

Any one could help to figure out what is going on?  Many thanks.

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Computer booting but no display



  • This problem might occur because of your memory card (RAM). Remove it and then place it in another memory slot on the motherboard.
  • To make sure if your motherboard is still in good working condition, remove the memory card and then power on the PC.
  • If you hear continuous beep sounds then you motherboard is fine.
  • If still the problem exists after placing the memory card in another slot then the problem lies with the memory card itself. You will have to replace it.
  • Some faulting PCI cards might also be causing this error.
  • Normally a faulting PCI modem causes this error. Remove it and then power on the PC.



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Computer booting but no display

If the computer is booting, but still you cannot get any display may be a problem of the motherboard. I suggest you to take out the motherboard and put it again properly, since the problem may be due to some problem in the design as well as a misplacement in the motherboard riser. The problem could be because the RAM may be over clocking. Resetting the motherboard in a proper position may hopefully remove the problem. I hope this will help.
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Computer booting but no display


It could be a problem with the monitor. To troubleshoot the problem, first, connect the CPU to another working monitor then try again. If there is display on the screen that means the previous monitor has a problem. If the monitor is still in warranty, bring it to the product’s service center to service it.

But if the monitor is no longer in warranty, bring it to any electronics service center or repair shop for proper servicing. Don’t fix the problem yourself because you might get electrocuted. There are no serviceable user parts inside so don’t attempt to repair it unless you’re also a technician and knows how to repair electronic components.

But for the majority, just bring it to an electronic service center to have it checked by a technician.

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