Comprehension on the term safe mode in computing

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What is the meaning of the word “safe mode” in computing? I am a young girl in one elementary school in West Africa. I came across the word “safe mode” on the computer when I was trying my hands on what my teacher taught me concerning how to boot my computer during the weekends. I ended exploring by following some initial instructions that showed up which lead to the discovery of the word “safe mode”. Can someone please explain that to me? Thank you.

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Comprehension on the term safe mode in computing



“Safe Mode” means that only the core system is loaded, nothing external is running on the environment unless you start them manually.

In order to start your Windows manually, keep on pressing F8 button simultaneously when the BIOS icon flashes on screen. Advanced option for Windows will appear and choose “Safe Mode”.

When your system is on safe mode, it loads only the very important drivers and programs that are necessary to make the system at least run. Sometimes, there might be many trouble with the driver or other programs that can’t be repaired on the normal environment. In such case, safe mode is required. This mode is also helpful for detecting viruses and other types of security threats over the PC. When in safe mode, they can’t run and only that time, it’s easy to remove them.

It’s of great use for troubleshooting any issue related to sensitive programs and cases. But this mode is only for experts, not recommended for unexperienced users. If you change something unknowingly inside that mode, this might make a bad effect that might crash the system.

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