Complete Monitoring from server to client mtr

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How can I perform complete monitoring from server to client mtr? I want to control the address of each network hop between the servers and to monitor quality of the link to each hop in the mtr. In order to do this, I need to run a meter trace from the server to my client and vice versa. How can I possibly perform this monitoring?

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Complete Monitoring from server to client mtr



MTR is based on “Linux Program MTR” it contains the proper functionality of the traceroute and “Ping” system is actually a “Single Network Diagnostic Tool”. The test detects the upcoming “Network Connection” among the selected monitoring location plus the required host.

When it detects the “Address” of “Network Hop” from the servers it sends a set of ICMP ECHO requests to entire “Network Hop” for determination of the quality from each “Hop”. Below is the complete figure of the target “Host”.

Traceroute v0.31 wolff on cave: /home/wolff

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