Complete and Excellent Sound Card Available in the Market

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I want to buy Apogee Duet 2. What are the specifications of this device? How useful is it for any user? What are the benefits of using this? How much is it in the market? What are the available ports available for this device? What are the smartphones that I connect to this device? Can you guide me how to install this with my iPhone and how to use its software? What are the materials used for this device?

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Complete and Excellent Sound Card Available in the Market


Hello Kimberly!

Here are the specifications of Apogee Duet 2

1.   USB 2.0 Mac and iOS audio interface

2.   2 analog inputs (2 mic, phantom power, combination line)

3.   4 analog outputs ( 2 balanced outputs, 1 stereo headphone output, +20dBu output level)

4.   MIDI connection

5.   A/D and D/A conversion

6.   Controller knob

7.   OLED Display

The price differs with the third-party vendor ranging from $595 form its website and refurbished at $450. You just need to install Maestro application or other compatible recording media. Please install first the USB driver for Apogee Duet 2.

1.   Connect Duet 2 with its USB connector.

2.   You Mac computer will then update the driver and install it.

3.   Your system have to restart to make changes effect.

4.   Next, since your Duet is connected, launch Apogee Maestro 2.

5.   Go to input tab in maestro and select Analog – Level from menu. Set the input for each to +4dBu.

6.   Look for output tab and set all outputs to +4dBu. Make sure that the speaker output also is set to Out 1-2. Tune the speaker up and not set to Dim.

7.   For the headphone output at the Output tab set it for Out 3-4. Change the headphones to -30.

8.   Connect a balanced 1/4″ TRS to Male XLR cable from Out L on the breakout cable to Input 1.

9.   Connect the other balanced 1/4″ TRS to Male XLR cable from Out R on the breakout cable to Input 2.

10. Open Audio MIDI Setup and select Duet USB.

11. Open DAW. Record the track and then launch your internet browser. Once you have a sound or media ready for recording initiate your DAW first for recording.


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