Comparison of OS: Linux VS Windows

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I am a Windows user but recently I have thought of changing my OS to Linux. This question is especially for the Linux users

1) Which OS is more expensive, Linux or Microsoft Windows?

2) Which OS is better in terms of security?

3) Which OS is more reliable? 

4) Which OS is more user friendly? 

5) Which OS is better for hardware devices?


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Comparison of OS: Linux VS Windows

  1. Obviously Windows are one of the most expensive OS, and you have to buy the license from Microsoft. 
  2. Where on other side Linux is a free OS and there is no charge for using it. If you want you can donate them.
  3. In Security Linux is far better than Microsoft Windows, as there is no scope of virus attacks in Linux while Windows are vulnerable to viruses and other attacks.
  4. Linux is much more reliable as it can run for months and years without any reboot. Windows doesn't matchup with Linux in the matter of reliability.
  5. Windows is much more user friendly than Linux, it has a huge software support also but you have to buy those software also. Linux has also become popular now-a-days but not as much user friendly as Windows. Linux is also has a good software support and most of the important software are also free for use.
  6. Windows is much better than Linux in hardware support, many hardware still not get any support for Linux, while Windows has a huge hardware support.


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Comparison of OS: Linux VS Windows


1-      In terms of cost Linux is available at almost free cost as compared to Windows instead windows cost you much more.

2-      Well in terms of security there is never a better operating system than the Linux, but as Microsoft made improvement time to time but it is vulnerable to malwares and viruses.

3-      In terms of reliability Microsoft has done notorious efforts in some recent versions but still not enough to compete with the reliability of Linux, as Linux is highly reliable operating system.

4-      In terms of user friendly advancements Microsoft made during these years make it easy to use, instead Linux, as Linux is less user friendly than the Windows.

5-      As Windows has greater driver support than the Linux and almost all the hardware manufacturers have compatibility with Windows on the other hand Linux does have much support.

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