Comparison b/w java and C++

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You will present a comparison of java with C++.

In this comparison you will present the advantages of java over C++ and any draw back of Java against C++

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Comparison b/w java and C++



1. Java’s byte code is slower than Native code, well a lot has been said about this but some  researches have proved that new versions of windows produce byte code that is faster than the native code. For details read the information  

2. In Java we do not have pointers; those who consider this as a drawback of Java are mostly Intruders. In Java using the references in place of Java is basically advantageous, because is saves you from a lot of problems of memory leakage and misuse.

3. Java is a pure object oriented language and you can benefit from object oriented technology fully.

4. When it comes to directly access the hardware it becomes difficult using Java. But In case of ports using a JAVA Communication API, hardware ports can be accessed effectively.  A similar low level API is available for Graphics. But for writing the device drivers you can not deny the C/C++’s importance.

5. Some say Garbage collection is a slow process, but it is not the case, when we allocate the memory for an object in c++, the allocating method first the empty slot in memory, but in the case of Garbage collector, it already knows where to create the object.

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Note that this is an open issue and can find a lot of material on this topic.

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