Comparing Internal PCI Sound Card and External Sound Card

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I bought a computer last year. I want to redesign the capabilities of this computer. I want to know the benefits of using external sound card? What do you mean by sound codec or audio codec? How much will it cost for a typical external sound card? Can you enlighten the difference between internal against external sound card how beneficial it is for the users? Will external give more functionality and better sound quality rather than the external? Please help. Thank you!

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Comparing Internal PCI Sound Card and External Sound Card


Hello Christine!

There are several advantages of using external sound card. Let’s lay it out.

1.   Transferrable. You can use it with laptop and desktop.

2.   Easier to install. Plug and play. No need to open the case of your laptop or desktop.

3.   Lesser electrical shock because it is well enclosed with a non-conductor housing.

4.   Smaller than internal sound cards.

5.   Can get up to 7.1 surround sound system.

Sound codec or audio codec is responsible for transforming digital signals to audible signals, in which that what is we can hear coming from the computer speakers. This is often associated to receiving device that will encode and decode sound signals.

For me internal sound card still best for me. Since I don’t want any device hanging at the back of my computer. I don’t want to see any device dangling around it. For people who are sound enthusiasts, recorders and professional DJs, they often buy external sound cards. Because it is pre-required in their type of work or hobby. I believe the answer here which will best suit the end user will be upon the user. If you’re inclined or big in to sound systems, external sound card will be the best option for you especially if you have also laptop. Here  are my best choice of typical sound card that extends capabilities. – Sewel Direct Sound Box 7.1 and 5.1 (SW-29545) for $25.95 – Power Acoustik – External Sound Box – External for $40.21 – Diamond USB Xtreme Sound 24-Bit 7.1 for $49.95

Looking at the prices above, comparing it with internal high-boosted sound card, they’re all the same price.

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