Communication Link failure in OpenOffice

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When I am working on an OpenOffice document file, an error message suddenly appears.

The message says that the link of communications fails because the connection is refused. 

Please find below the screenshot of the error message for your reference.

Could any expert help me to solve this issue please? 

This matter is quite urgent because I have to finish my project paper by next Monday.

Thank you for your attention. Base

Communication link failure due to underlying exception:


MESSAGE: Connection refused

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Communication Link failure in OpenOffice


I see a lot of java from the image you attached. I haven’t actually used OpenOffice, yet that’s why I can’t say what’s causing the problem. Based on the screenshot you are using a different operating system other than Microsoft Windows. I’ve already seen people using OpenOffice, but they use it on Microsoft Windows XP. Since the dialog box contains a lot of java, check if your computer has already been installed with a version of Java.

If it has, then try upgrading it to the latest version. But if it doesn’t have, try installing one.

The latest version of OpenOffice is 3.4.1. If your version is different or is older than this then you should download this version. Visit to download the latest release.

This version supports Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, GNU/Linux [kernel version 2.6 and higher, glibc2 version 2.11.1 or higher], and Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or higher. And as I suspect, it indeed requires a version of Java. Before installing Apache OpenOffice, you should install first Java Runtime Environment 1.5.x or higher and Java Access Bridge.

To download Java Runtime Environment and Java Access Bridge. The Java Access Bridge download is located at the lower part of the page under Additional Resources.

For Linux, you need to install GNOME 2.16 or higher.

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Communication Link failure in OpenOffice


Hello Catherine,

Your problem looks like a communication link failure because your Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) might not be working. You should try to verify your connectivity to remote server.

If your remote server responds to the request sent by you then the problem lies in connecting with Open Office Database.

You should also check the version of Java you are currently using and update it if possible.

The following link has a guideline on how to setup a JDBC connection.

I hope that helps

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Communication Link failure in OpenOffice


Sharath your solution caught my mind, how tactfully you annotated about my problem, as an apprentice this tidings was new to me. Your comments are simple, but it is very powerful.

You are providing a complete detail about JAVA. Acting upon your advice, firstly I have installed Java Runtime Environment 1.5.x, next installed the latest version of OpenOffice from your provided link, which was compatible with my OS.

By implementing your plan now, my problem passes away from my PC as well I will remember your other instructions too.

Michael B Rodgers, your comment was good but my friend, it looks too hard to understand for me. Ok, that's all.

Thanks guys for your helping hand.

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