The command line arguments cannot specify…

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I have installed Win XP to my new box containing AMD 64 bit processor.

But I encounter following problem when try to run 32 bit programs. I know, 32 bit programs run easily in 64 bit system.

Does there need any configuration for the compatibility. Please share your opinion.

WinDbg:6.11.0001.404 AMD64

The command line arguments cannot specify more than one kind of debugging to start




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The command line arguments cannot specify…


There are software that run on both bit versions of Windows Operating System but it is not the case always.

Sometimes you have to consider the bit that your are running before installing certain programs.

Solution 1:

Search the internet or buy that specific software that is compatible with the bit of the processor that you are running on your computer. Install it and it will surely run as long as it meets other necessary requirements.

Solution 2:

Switch to a 32 bit processing because it supports most of the software. I think this is the best way to solve your problem rather than looking for 64 bit software. You can consider upgrading other hardware of your computer instead.

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