Collecting crash dump and it starts up.

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I kept my PC turned off for a few days. When I restart, at the bottom of blue screen indicates such as “collecting crash dump” and it starts up. But I cannot turn off the PC now.

It always keeps turning back as I restarted. I need to know the cause for this issue?

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Collecting crash dump and it starts up.


The most probable cause of that problem is hard drive issues, memory and/or malware infections that are affecting the computer. There might be other possible causes too. What you will therefore need to do is troubleshoot for those errors and then fix them.

In case the problem is as a result of hard drive issues, you will need to run the disk repair utility to find and fix any possible errors on the hard drive.

For virus attacks and malware infections, you will need to scan your computer thoroughly using a strong and updates antivirus which you should be having on your computer. In case you do not have an antivirus yet you will need to install it.

-Richard Gabriel


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