Code to play MUD game in Telnet command Prompt.

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Hi everyone

What is the code to get started playing  MUD game in Telnet Command Prompt on a computer or log into a MUD game.


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Code to play MUD game in Telnet command Prompt.


The web site says that you can connect and start playing the game using telnet. I think almost all Windows operating systems have the telnet tool in its system. Depending on what version of the operating system you are using, in Windows XP, you can find telnet in C:WINDOWSsystem32. But you don’t have to go exactly to that particular folder just to use telnet, you can access telnet anywhere within the system drive (C:) using the command prompt or if you are within Windows, you can start using telnet by clicking Start then Run, then type telnet in the text box then hit Enter. To end your telnet session just type quit then press Enter. You will then go back to the command prompt.

To start playing Wheel of Time mud using telnet, you need several codes to get connected.

  1. Click Start then Run.
  2. Type telnet then hit Enter.
  3. To connect to the server, type open 2222 then press Enter.

After that you will then be connected to the game. The web site says that to be able to connect to the game, you need to connect to the server,, then the port number, 2222, in this format: which is wrong and will never work. I also tried following this procedure but it never worked. The right format is replacing the colon (:) with a space separating the address from the port number.

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