Code: mysql, rapidshare, php, javaScript. Css and html.

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I use the following configurations:  mysql, rapidshare, php, JavaScript, css and html. I am aiming to create a code. What should I use, JavaScript or php to create the codes for these functions?

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Code: mysql, rapidshare, php, javaScript. Css and html.


Hi Chady,

PHP will be the 1st, this is best done on server side. But never use your core functionality on Javascript, hench scripting being disabled on some machines. As we all know majority of all machines right now are using Java scripts unlike before mostly used HTML. Right now developers have been successfully uses both languages in their webs their theory is if you need speed in server-side language would be faster than javascript. if this program has been not perfectly combined the outcome would be the browser will became slower.







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