Code generation for property ‘PrintCellPaint’ failed

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Hello Guru, I was working on RadGridView. When I closed the form, an error appeared and it said that it failed to generate the code of ‘PrintCellPaint’ property. However, this property was never used. Please find the below screenshot for your reference.

Could anyone help me to fix this error please? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you very much.

Code generation for property 'PrintCellPaint' failed

Microsoft Visual Studio

Code generation for property 'PrintCellPaint' failed. The error was: ‘Object does not match target type’.

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Code generation for property ‘PrintCellPaint’ failed


Hi there David E Sartin,

Without seeing the problematic piece of the code, I really can't give you the correct answer to what are you doing wrong.

However, I found a similar bug listed in the current issues with the highest priority on the TODO list, so there is a possibility that you are facing the bug still waiting to be resolved. You can track the issue solving progress on the following link:

Since this is a really rare bug, as a workaround I can suggest you to try opening and saving your project on another computer and then reopening it again on your local machine.

Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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