Code to create Marquee scroller needed

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I want to create a Marquee scroller but don't know the proper code or script needed to create one. Can an expert let me know the code? Is there any software available to do that directly, without the use of code?

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Code to create Marquee scroller needed


Hello Ammelia,


You can use this following code to make a marquee scroller.

1. You have to open your html document. You can also make you own html document using the notepad.

2. Place this code to where you want to put your marquee onto our html page:

<marquee style="background-color: #000080;" direction="right" loop="20" width="75%">

This is a scrolling marquee


xadecimal (hex) value, or a RGB (Red Green Blue) value. A full list of colors and their values can be found here.

3. The colors are controled by the <style> attribute inside the <div> tag. See all the colors here.

4. You can also change the direction of yor marquee by changing the direction: lift, right, up, and down.

5. The loop attribute included there determines how many times does you marquee should loop.

6. All the text inside the tag <marquee> and </marquee> along with other attributes will make your desired marquee.

Hope this help.



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