Cobra’s iRadar for Apple iPhone

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What is Cobra's iRadar what for it is used ?

How is this going to help me in traffic as I heard that it helps in traffic but I don’t know how it does.

Can any one help me in this please?

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Cobra’s iRadar for Apple iPhone


This is one product you can use with a vehicle or if you have a car. Using just any smart phone, Cobra iRadar™ combines industry leading laser and speed, red light camera detection and radar technology that can provide the most advanced smart detection system available.

Cobra iRadar™ uses the smart phone’s Bluetooth® wireless technology connection that will enable you to view radar alerts, log alert history, control settings, and also be warned of upcoming speed and red-light cameras.

This product is the most technologically advanced, user-friendly, and innovative detector device.

Installing Cobra iRadar™ is very easy. You just simply need to mount the suction cup bracket on your car’s windshield, slide on the detection unit and then plug it in to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter plug. The higher it is mounted, the better range you will get.

To know more about Cobra iRadar™, you may visit Cobra iRadar™ Install.

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Cobra’s iRadar for Apple iPhone


This is a free iPhone app that allows users to fine-tune the iRadar's sensitivity and is able to distinguish between actual alerts and false positives. it is able to monitor for traffic cameras and speed traps.

Cobra iRadar is the world’s first and largest community-based radar/laser/camera discovery system.


  • exhibits live radar and laser alert information from all iRadar users
  • Cautions of upcoming speed cameras, red light cameras, known speed traps, and dangerous
  • demonstrates visual alerts from the Cobra iRadar detector on the iPhone  
  • Allows one to submit and receive locations of Live Police, Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras, and Caution Areas from other members of the iRadar community intersections

However, certain functionalities of this app are only available when linked to a Cobra iRadar Detector unit.

Cobra iRadar Detector unit features

  • Detects all radar & laser guns used by Law Enforcement
  • Provides full 360-degree protection
  • Reduces false alerts with City/Highway Mode

To purchase a Cobra iRadar detector unit you can visit’s price ranges from $79.95 to $129.99. Moreover it is $86.67 – at amazon

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