Coaxial Cables‎ and its importance in the hardware sector

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Where do we use Coaxial Cables? Can I use this electrical equipment like Gutters? Is any issue while using Coaxial Cables? What is Hard line Coaxial Cable and when do we use this? Can I use RG-6 cable for indoor or external house wiring? Is it a power saving cable? How is it important in computer hardware sector? Thank You

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Coaxial Cables‎ and its importance in the hardware sector

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Coaxial cables are used for the transmission of audio and visual data ( high frequency electrical signals), specially in TVs and VCRs. It has some drawbacks, yet, its compatibility with many devices makes it ever rooted in the electronic market. 
  • cables are bulk & present only in one length
  • difficult to install
  • removing the cabled is also difficult

It can be used with a wide range of electrical equipment including gutters as well.

Hard line Coaxial Cable is used in broadcasting & in other forms of radio communication connecting equipment that support the microwave frequency rate transmission. So, it is possible to be used in network and radio applications.
And of course, RG-6 cable can be used for indoor or external house wiring. It is mostly used to route cable television signals to and within the houses. Yet it saves power the least. 
Its important features in computer hardware sector include,
  • the availability of 4 different varieties
  • support for various applications
  • infusion with water blocking gel which makes it water proof


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