CMainThread :: _ GameDataBaseInit ()

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Don't have any idea on following error message.

It appears when I tried to run some packaged games burned into a CD gifted by my friend.

Does the burned CD have any problem or my system is not supporting the programs?


db_LoadGreetingsMsg() Fail!



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CMainThread :: _ GameDataBaseInit ()


It seems that error may be caused by an application trying to call on a function and the call failed. It is also possible that the cd may already be defective due to scratches or because of it being exposed to magnets or anything that alters the way the cd keeps the information. It is also likely that the package is corrupted or there was an error when your friend created the package hence getting the error. You can try ask your friend to try and create another package of the games, or you can just purchase copies of the games if that is an option in your area.

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