Is cloud a threat to hard drive?

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Now a days people are getting the benefit of cloud computing.

They can also store 5 to 10 GB of data in cloud for free.

Paid services are also available.

So do people need extra or removable hard drives anymore?

Is cloud a threat to hard drive?



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Is cloud a threat to hard drive?


Every day, more and more netizens are getting the benefits of Cloud Storage/Computing, for its portability, you can have any file you might need wherever you are with the access of internet. You can even invite others to edit the contents or made some updates or ask anybody to upload contents to have them on hand. It is indeed a great thing especially for those who are hosting spaces for free.

You can even use the soon to be employed SaaS (Software as a Service)  which do not require any installation on your hard drive, thus making more money for those who are giving services, and in return, making the software updated always and at the best condition possible.

In other terms, I may not say that Cloud storage is a threat to hard drives for these are being used for storage of any operating system files or any other files needed to be accessed or modified anytime without the use of internet and for easy retrieval without any speed constraints.

However, you might be pointing that possibly, yes, hard drives are being replaced with these cloud storage with a minimum amount. Not everywhere there is internet and not every time internet is speedy. Copying files might also be an issue for downloading rakes time a lot.

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