Cloud Hosting VS Web Hosting, Pros, and Cons Must Know

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Hi people,

I am confused Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting. How are these different from each other? I would love to have the Pros and Cons of each one of them. So, I can decide the better contender in Cloud Hosting VS Web Hosting.

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Cloud Hosting VS Web Hosting, Pros, and Cons Must Know


Cloud Hosting is the hosting of the resources of a computer while Web Hosting is the process of providing Server space to an Individual, or an Organization.

The Advantage of Web Hosting: –

The best type of Web Hosting is Dedicated Hosting, which is renting a full server to one person. Web Hosting results in a more secure server without any discrepant occurrences. The Server Administrator is self-sufficient to run the website.

The Disadvantage of Web Hosting: –

Web Hosting brings a lot of work with itself that include, troubleshooting of programs, evade potential hacks, and other such work.

The Advantage of Cloud Hosting: –

It offers expertise in backing up files, and a person can share large files very easily. In a small business, employees can share the files among them without any problem.

The Disadvantage of Cloud Hosting: –

The data that you host on the Cloud is not much secure. Attempting an unauthorized access is not so difficult for a hacker when it comes to Cloud Storage.

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