Cloning a Hard Drive using Cloning Software for Windows XP.

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Hey people,

I am using a Computer that is quite old and it has Windows XP running on it. I want to change my Hard Drive, but before that I want my data to be intact. How to use a Cloning Software for Windows XP to perform the task of copying the disk?

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Cloning a Hard Drive using Cloning Software for Windows XP.


First, you need to keep the Cloning Software ready. You can buy any Software like Norton Ghost, or you can use any Freeware like HDClone. I would recommend you to go for Norton Ghost, as it is the best Cloning Software. Follow the steps to complete your task.

1) Install the new upgraded Hard Drive, on which you want to clone the data. You can take a professional’s help to do this.

2) Now, install Norton Ghost on your PC.

3) You can copy the data to the free space of the new Hard Drive

4) Select the “Advanced” tab from the toolbar.

5) Click on the “Clone” option.

6) Now, select the Source Drive from which you want to copy the data.

7) Click on “Next”, and select the Destination Drive, which is your new Hard Disk.

8) After that, wait for some time till the process takes place. The amount of data that you are cloning will affect the time of the full process.

9) Shut down and your Computer and remove the old Drive.

That is it, now, you will be able to use the old data from the new Hard Disk.

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