Clearing a Paper Jam for HP LaserJet Pro P1102,

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Hello! I just bought my HP Laser Jet Pro P 1102 for my University work. I have a huge data to be printed for my University assignments and I needed a good printer. But the paper keeps getting jammed every now and then. This shouldn't be happening with a newly purchased printer? What could be the reasons for such frequent paper jams? Please let me know!

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Clearing a Paper Jam for HP LaserJet Pro P1102,


One of the most common causes of a paper jam in your new printer is that the paper that you have added to the paper tray has been loaded incorrectly or the tray is too full.

When you add new paper to the paper tray, straighten the entire stack.  Paper jams may be the result of using paper that does not meet HP's specifications or the printer might need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any small pieces that remained from a previous jam.

When you are removing a piece of paper that has become jammed in your printer, pull it straight out from the printer and not at an angle. You should also remove the paper from the paper tray and straighten it before re-inserting it.

Adjust the paper guides and make sure that the input tray is in the proper position.


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