Clean install or Upgrade my System Unit?

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Hey guys, 

I'm in need of assistance right now. I just rebuilt my computer and changed everything including my CPU, motherboard, RAM, Power Supply Unit and my GPU. But the Hard Disk Drive is still in use. The problem is, whenever I turned my computer on, a BSOD will appear. Maybe it is because I installed Windows 7 on my old motherboard.

I have a Windows 8 disk with me. I want to know if I can just upgrade or perform a clean installation since reformatting my hard drive is my last option as I have lots of data that I do not want to lose. If I choose to upgrade, can it fix all the issues that I am facing right now without losing everything?



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Clean install or Upgrade my System Unit?


The blue screen failure is definitely because you have changed your hardware peripherals. You can use the Safe mode. By doing this you need to restart your computer and at the start up screen hit the button F8. Select the Safe mode and if it loads your windows you can either try installing the drivers or start backing up all the files from a different local drive or an external drive. Regarding the upgrade for windows 8 if you're already back up all the files that are important. It would be safer to clean install everything.

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Clean install or Upgrade my System Unit?


Hi Richard,

If you upgrade the hardware components of the system unit and change and detach the motherboard from the hard disk, there will be an error that will occur. One of it is the one you encounter right now the Blue Screen of Death which display a driver issue.

Cause: The Hard Disk Drive where all the operating system files stored doesn’t recognize your new motherboard. To be able to utilize the new motherboard so that it will be compatible to the old HDD please read these solutions.


Option 1: Upgrade Windows 7

a. If you want to upgrade your windows 7, you should be precise on what is currently installed windows 7 editions on your computer. You can upgrade your OS from Windows 7 Starter, Home, Professional to Ultimate and not backwards.

Option 2: Reformat (Clean)

a. You should reformat your HDD and install the operating system that you prefer whether a Windows 8 or Windows 7.

Note: If you choose either of the two solutions above, your files will be deleted. However, you can still recover and backup files before you upgrade or reformat it. You can use some useful recovery software/application that will bypass the current OS such as Puppy Linux or Ubuntu.


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