Clarifications on Excel Dependency Tree

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Kindly look at Excel Dependency Tree and kindly explain to me how Excel determines the dependencies of the cells and formula inputted? How are these immediate updated? 

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Clarifications on Excel Dependency Tree



Dependency Trees

Excel tracks changes since the last recalculation and builds dependency trees in an attempt to reduce calculation time. These prompt Excel to recalculate only:


 Formulae that have changed.
 Names that have changed.
 Volatile functions.
 Formulae dependent on changed or volatile formulae, names or cells.
Dependency trees are immediately updated whenever a formula is entered or changed. In Excel 2002 and later you can force Excel to rebuild the dependency trees by hitting Control+Alt+Shift+F9.
In complex formula-based models, Excel may spend considerable time and memory building and evaluating the dependency trees. In versions prior to Excel 2007 dependency trees will only store up to 65536 dependencies to unique references. Where complex formula-based models near that limit it is not unusual to find full calculation faster than recalculation.
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Clarifications on Excel Dependency Tree


Hi Scott,

Microsoft Excel program is created using .Net language for Microsoft Corporation.  Microsoft usually has a tool for .Net Framework Assembly analyzer.   This tool is open source and you can try to build your own dependency tree.

Follow this link for more

Here you will find a .NET dependency analyzer. You will run the program and follow the step by step process by selecting appropriate assemblies. You will see pictures that demonstrate this on the link above.

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