Cisco asdm unable to launch device manager

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Hello there,

A colleague of mine was trying to connect to a firewall via ASDM last week, and was greeted by an error like this. Any solution for this error that appeared on my PC now ? What is causing this kind of error ?

Thank you experts !

Cisco ASDM Launcher

Unable to launch device manage from 10.254.254

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Cisco asdm unable to launch device manager


Try adding the following command in ASA then test it if it’s going to work: “aaa authentication http console LOCAL”. If it doesn’t, try downgrading your Java Runtime Environment to version 7 update 45 or Java Runtime Environment 7u45 then see if it works. If you still get the error, there should be a username and password in the local database of ASA since you already used the command “aaa authentication http console LOCAL”.

To do this, add the following command in ASA and then test it again: “username cisco password cisco”. After this, try accessing ASDM with username and password then see if it works. Aside from doing this, there is also a much better way without downgrading your Java Runtime Environment. Direct your web browser to “https://” then select the option to start ASDM as a Java Web Start application.

This way, ASDM should start fine. After this, go to the Java control panel. In General tab under Temporary Internet Files, click View then select the item with ASDM then click the top row icon that looks like an arrow pointing up and to the right. This will create an ASDM shortcut in your desktop. You can now delete the old icon that starts ASDM as a local application, since it will no longer work.

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