CISCO 2 chapter 9 Question explanation

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Hello there guys.! This is one of the questions on the chapter 9 ccna 2 exam.

Could somebody please explain to me why letter c is the answer.

Why does the other three not the answer as well.

This is my assignment so please help me on this.

Thank you so much.

Refer to the exhibit. The company is using EIGRP with an autonomous system number of 10. Pings between hosts on networks that are connected to router A and those that are connected to router B are successful.

However, users on the network are unable to reach users on the network. What is the most likely cause of this problem?

a. IP classless is enabled and is causing the packet to drop.

b.The command network was not issued on router C.

c. The routers are not configured in the same EIGRP routing domain.

d. Automatic summarization of the networks is causing the subnetted routes to be dropped

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CISCO 2 chapter 9 Question explanation



Using EIGRP routers do not need to know all the router information in the entire network. Each router advertises destinations with a corresponding distance. Each router hears the information adjusts the distance and transmit it to neighboring routers. This is what EIGRP is basically doing in networking.  It provides reliable communication between routers. So in this question you can see and in same EIGRP routing domain. (See the description in the figure) then other one is in different domain ( Due to secure communication of the EIGRP mechanism it is not allow pinging directly to the Because it is in different domain

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