Chrome OS, what are the advantage and disadvantages?

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Just seeking your ideas on Google Chrome Operating system what are its advantages and disadvantages?

How can you rate this OS from scale 1-10, 10 being the highest?

Do you think it can thrive in the future market?

Your opinion will be highly respected.

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Chrome OS, what are the advantage and disadvantages?


Tech developer is hugely competing with each other who can provide the most friendly user and the easiest product to use. They even throw litigation and patent cases to their contra-companies almost every legal court in most countries. If you talk about a company, that keeps on changing, shaping and making our life much easier. Google would be the first name that will come up in my empty mind. 

Starting from Google search then they purchase famous video site YouTube, followed by so many applications including Google Chrome OS and the latest was the Google+. Allow me to talk specifically with this Google Chrome OS. Our era is so called the .com age.

Were almost or all people are going online to communicate, to be entertained, to work and get tons of information. Straight to the hole, this OS developed for us the .com species. Chrome OS is a fancy as a super web platform where life activities such as work and play are seamlessly integrated. The number one advantage of this OS is the godly speed. Due to the fact that it has no programs loaded locally. 

It can start enormously faster than the locally installed OS. It is also built to be lightweight efficient. All computation is done online and all information is stored online. These will avoid useless system processes, lower memory usage and eliminate the use of huge hard disk. The next advantage of the Chrome OS of the traditional locally loaded OS is the security.

Every activity is online and these connected to a server. The server of the provider will be the one to take care for all those malware and virus. In this case, we can now start forgetting what antivirus programs would look like. The only major thing that I foresee to be the disadvantage is the availability. We can’t say that all areas in the face of this earth are covered or internet connected. 

Once there will be no internet connection, then forget about your machine that performed by Google Chrome OS. Another thing is, in order for this to function efficiently. This needs a high speed connection. Summing up, this cannot defeat in the short term the current standard OS in the short term because its advantage.

Well, the more the internet coverage and speed will increase. The more Google Chrome OS will perform in the market. Since the disadvantage out weigh the advantages. I will rate this technology base on my research and experience with the scale of 1 to 10 as 8.

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Chrome OS, what are the advantage and disadvantages?

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Chrome is a cloud-based OS, so as the output, we cannot be able to run certain programs that are not available on the cloud. Chrome OS is an Open Source Software. You will have to download the code and download it before you start using it. But you can optimize it any way you want for free. It is faster than any other operating system. It is designed to run on ATOM and ARM processor but still boot faster. 

Chrome OS merges with Chrome browser. Hence, this OS will update the security system automatically as a default setting. And most especially, most of your work and data will be kept online because Chrome OS is a cloud-based OS.

Other services of Google such as Gmail, Google docs, Picasa and etc. Is pre-installed and you can access Google Gears even if you are offline. You can only run web-based applications for Chrome OS. The good part is users can run MS Office Live.

One of the major advantages of this OS over the competitors is the system requirements since it is remarkable compact. So you can run it on low powered devices like netbooks and tablets but there will be an increase in the battery life of each one. It is easy to use and configure Chrome OS. Because the interface is similar to the popular Chrome browser. Thus it is simple and instinctive.

Another disadvantage is when you got connection problems, it becomes helpless and will not let the user to execute basic operations while offline.

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