Chinese Virus that makes my computer real slow

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Hi there,

Does anyone know how to get rid of "Chinese virus"? It makes my computer and internet real slow. The solution says to run house call but it failed because everything is so slow. Even my antivirus does not detect anything. If anyone knows the solution please help me out.

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Chinese Virus that makes my computer real slow


It is the easy way to remove Chinese Virus from your hard drive. It's the virus that affects the speed of processing and slows down the performance of the computer.

When you right click on any partition of your hard drive, it will be shown some Chinese language options. Also when you open the drive partition, it will be opened in new window.

You have antivirus but does not detect the virus, it means that antivirus is also infected. You must take as follows to get rid of the virus;

1. Start=>Run=> Type cmd. Press Enter.

2. Change the directory to C; means you point out drive c. Just type c: and press enter.

3. Type attrib -a -s -h -r and press enter.

4. Now type Dir and press enter. The Dir command shows the files and folders of drive C. There are several files and folders available in C with their extensions like .ini, .exe, .inf. Etc.

5. Type Del autorun.* and press enter. This will delete all autorun files.

6. Do this with all your partitions.

Start > Run > Type cmd-directory C-type c:-attrib -a -s -h -r-type Dir-del autorun Microsoft forefront client security console-scan hard disk

7. Restart your computer.

If the problem exists, then open WINRAR. In the address bar of WinRAR, direct the address to drive C.

From here you can delete all the extra and infected files manually. Restart the computer.

If the problem remains unsolved, then install antivirus on another system, scan this infected hard disk through the antivirus system.

If you are running the operating system Windows Server / Windows 7 / Windows Vista, then install the Microsoft Forefront Antivirus. Forefront is the best antivirus for all kinds of viruses, threats, Malware, worms. It is only installed on the above mentioned operating system.

If you have Windows XP, then McAfee is the best antivirus.

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Chinese Virus that makes my computer real slow


This virus removes Task Manager and Folder option. You can get rid of Chines virus by removing the autorun.ini file from each of your drives. But these are hidden files. I used to delete this file by doing the following steps.

  • Open Nero burner (Any version).
  • Browse Files and Open Drive C.
  • It will show all files including hidden files. I.e: autorun.ini file.
  • Delete autorun.ini file.
  • Then do the same for all of your hard drive partitions.
  • After deleting autorun.ini file from all drives restart your windows.
  • After restarting your PC you will see chines virus has been removed.
Chines virus by removing the autorun.ini file

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