China Wireless Netbook could not connect to WiFi

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I am receiving series of errors on my 7” wireless netbook which originally made in China. I cannot connect with my wireless connection. I keep getting an error message stating: Cannot execute netstart.exe when using command prompt. And also, an error message that says, PPPoE Access Concentrator is not responding. How can I fix it?

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China Wireless Netbook could not connect to WiFi


Hello Adrian,

I will advice that you check the wireless connection settings on your computer. If the network that you are on requires that you use some proxy settings in the browsers or some IP connection settings under the network settings then ensure that they are set properly.

Otherwise check the signal strength of your network. How many bars do you have? If the bars are few, like only one or two, then the signal is so weak at the place that you are and therefore you will need to move to a hotspot that has a stronger signal and see if your wireless network connects.

Try restarting the computer to refresh the network settings and see if it helps.


Lee Hung

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