Characteristics and benefits of RCA connector

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Is RCA connector and Phono connector similar? Is it coaxial type cable? How RCA connector is different from USB connector? Give me a brief information about its origin. What is 5-pin din connector? What is “Phono input”? Where is it used? How is “Phono input” important in Dj Mixer? Give me an idea about its color coding concept? What does purple color code work in it? Can I use this Xbox 360? What are the disadvantages in RCA CONNECTOR? Thank You

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Characteristics and benefits of RCA connector



                It is sometimes called Phono connector or cinch connector used to carry audio or video signals.

                The name RCA derives from the Radio Corporation of America introduced in early 1940 in home radio phonograph consoles. In later design refinement came, they remained compatible.

                Sometimes the name "Phono plug" confused with "phone plug" may refer to quarter inch "phone plug" Tip/sleeve (TS) or Tip/Ring/Sleeve (TRS) connector (which is called RJ9, RJ10, RJ22).

                The hot signal wire RCA implements an unbalanced connection generally prefers professional settings allows use of cables reducing external noise.

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