Changing The Wallpaper Microsoft Wallpaper In PC:

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Hey. How do we modify the default Microsoft Wallpaper? Can we set any image of our choice? Is it possible to change Themes?

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Changing The Wallpaper Microsoft Wallpaper In PC:


Hi. Yes. It is indeed allowed to change the Microsoft Wallpaper on a Windows system.

We can help to set any picture we want as the wallpaper.

Go to settings. -> Go to Personalization.

The following GUI is displayed on screen.

Next, click on the Background as shown. The picture can be chosen from the options as seen in the picture. The user can set any available custom pictures. Further, he can also change the theme on the same page under personalization. Again the theme can be chosen by the user. The idea of Windows 10 was to bring customer satisfaction by giving him maximum choice to change, re-arrange and experiment.


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Changing The Wallpaper Microsoft Wallpaper In PC:


Yes, you are allowed to do that on Windows. Whether you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or higher, you can change the background wallpaper on your desktop and also the theme used. But there’s a difference in the two.

You can change your background wallpaper as often as you want and to as many images as you like but with the theme, you are limited to the ones already available. Though you can add as many themes as you want from the Microsoft website, it is not free though. You need to purchase every theme you want to have on your Windows.

But there’s a workaround if you don’t want to purchase themes from the Microsoft website by using third-party themes. But the problem is you cannot just install a theme if it’s not from Microsoft because the theme will simply not work. You need to install a tweak to allow third-party themes to work on your computer. Download UxStyle and install it.

It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10 including Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2012 R2. To install a third-party theme and make it work, you need to install this program first and then the theme. You can now easily select and apply the theme you downloaded from other websites.

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