Changing the Printer Configuration Remotely

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I installed a new printer on my server and I want all computers to have access and make this printer as the default printer. But I can’t go to each workstation to set-up the new printer. Is there a way to do this remotely or to update or change the printer configuration remotely? Is it possible to use GP to do this?

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Changing the Printer Configuration Remotely


The easiest way to remotely access a remote printer is by enabling sharing. This will allow the printer to be accessible via any remote computer on the network.

If you haven't already done so, insert the CD-ROM/DVD that came with the printer and follow the manufacturers instructions to install the printer drivers. Once the driver installation has been completed, you now need to share the printer by following the instructions outlined below:

  1. Go to start–>settings–>control panel, for earlier versions of Windows, or start–>control panel for WinXP, & older.
  2. Within the control panel, select the "printers" icon, this will populate a list of printer located on the machine.
  3. Right-click the newly installed printer and select "share this printer", and give it a name. Take note of the name as you will need it to connect remotely.

You may now connect to the printer remotely from any machine on the network. To do this: 

  1. Login to the machine that needs access to the printer
  2. Follow the instructions above to navigate to the control panel and double-click the "printers" icon.
  3. Double-click the "add new printers" icon which will open a window where you can add the newly installed printer.
  4. In the configuration window enter the location of the network printer or by selecting the "browse" button to locate the network printer. Enter the location of the printer by using the Syntax: \computer_nameprinter_name, where computer_name is the name of the computer on which the printer is shared; and printer_name is the shared name assigned to the network printer.
  5. Click "OK". The printer is connected and you can now print to it.

To make this printer your default printer, simply right-click the printer and select "set as default printer"


  1. Follow the instructions above to share the printer on the network.
  2. Select the documents you want to print, and select print.
  3. In the printer dialog box, select find printer.
  4. Follow instructions #4 & 5 above to locate and connect to the printer.
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Changing the Printer Configuration Remotely


Hello Pamela,

Once you have connected the printer on the network, you can configure it from the server and share it so that it is accessible on all the computers so that you will not need to install it by going to each and every computer on the network.

While on the server, search for the computer by going to printers and faxes and use the option for searching the printer that is connected to a local area network to look for it. From the list of printers that will be found, choose the printer that you want and then make it the default printer. Right click on the printer and then choose the sharing option. Share the printer in a way that it will be accessible by all the computers on the network.


Lee Hung

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