Changing the Interrupter Request sequence

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I would wish to know how to change the interrupter request and to know if the change of this can affect my computer. Can it make it work faster on the devices listed? What is the implication of making the USB devices listed before most peripherals? Can my printer respond faster if I give it a lower value say IRQ 5?

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Changing the Interrupter Request sequence


Changing the IRQ or the interrupt request of a device either from the Device Manager within Microsoft Windows or from the BIOS is not the wisest thing to do because the manufacturer of the motherboard sets the default IRQs and assigned them to specific devices. If you change it, it may result to conflict with other devices.

And also, changing the IRQ of a device will not improve its performance. It will not make it work faster. If what you mean by putting your USB devices above other peripherals is change the boot sequence putting USB to boot first, it may result to system conflict which may prevent your computer from booting.

If you put USB as the first device to boot, the system will check if there is a USB device connected upon starting the computer. If no USB device is connected, it will jump to the next device listed in the boot sequence. But in case there is a USB device connected, it will attempt to boot the computer from the USB device.

But if the USB device is not a bootable device then the problem comes. It will report an error on the screen and will stop booting the computer. In this case, disconnect the USB device then restart the computer.

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