Changing Ink Cartridge on Lexmark Printer

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My question may sound so easy, but I really don’t have an idea on how to fix this. I lost my own instruction manual and I am seeking for one thru the internet. I’m talking about my extraordinary Lexmark printer. Written in front of it is, PinnaclePro901.

The real issue is, I don’t know how to change my cartridges of ink into my printer. Can someone help me on installing cartridge and where to get online instruction manual for this?

I will really appreciate.

Thank you.

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Changing Ink Cartridge on Lexmark Printer


Hi Jdiaz,

You have to ensure that you already have the new ink cartridge. You should not remove the old cartridge if you do not have a new one to replace it with because the ink in the Printhead nozzle will dry out

Follow the procedure below

1. Power on your printer and Open it. The Printhead nozzle should moves to the cartridge installation position

2. You should press on the release tab and remove the empty cartridges

3. Place the new ink cartridges immediately after removing the protective shields

4. Close the printer

5. Create a test print

As for the manual you can download a PDF file in

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Changing Ink Cartridge on Lexmark Printer


Hi JDiaz,

Before you turn on your Lexmark Printer, make sure that you already have a brand new Lexmark ink cartridge. Once the printer is turned on and you have opened the cartridge holder, you must replace the old one with your new cartridge or the remaining ink in the printhead nozzle may dry out.

1. The first thing you need to do is press the power button to turn the printer on. The power button is located on the left side of the control panel of your printer.

2. Open the cover of the Lexmark printer so you can access the printhead(cartridge holder).


3.  Press the release lever of the cartridge holder and remove the cartridge you want to replace.

(The ink may leak out so you have to be very careful in doing this, I suggest that you should have  a trash bag near you so you could dispose it quickly.)

4.  Remove the brand new ink cartridge from its protective bag. Remove the tag located at the bottom of the cartridge when you're ready to install the brand new cartridge. Once the tag has been removed, install it immediately on its corresponding slot. (For example, the brand new cartridge  of the black ink should be place exactly where you remove the old cartridge for the black one.)

5. Put the brand new cartridge into the cartridge holder. Push it until it clicks on its place.

NOTE: Do not apply excessive force.

6. Close the printer cover and wait until the printer recognize the brand new ink cartridge or cartridges.

You can see the user's guide of Pro900 series of Lexmark printers by clicking this link:

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