Changed Screen when Charging iPod Classic

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Hello, I am just wondering if this is a serious case with my iPod Classic 2007 80GB. I lend it to a close friend of mine trusting that she will take good care of it. Then after returning it back to me, I noticed something strange with the way it is recharging. Its usual appearance when it is charging is showing a message that says “Charging, Do not Disconnect.” plus this battery animated picture. But right now, I recharge it after receiving it from her, it shows a strange screen with only an exclamation mark and a gray background with a message saying “Do not Disconnect”. But it is still recharging the battery. Is there something serious here? I know there is something wrong but is it serious? Does it need immediate response?

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Changed Screen when Charging iPod Classic


For you to solve your problem is to restore it to factory settings, which is I do know that your iPod has.  There is a feature there that will restore your iPod to factory fresh settings. But if your problem is still there, one thing the best solution if to contact your friend and ask why you’re iPod doing things that not you expected. Hope this helps.

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Changed Screen when Charging iPod Classic


Hellow Seth Fisher,

I am sure that it is not a significant problem for which you have to pay attention for it.

One of the following points may be responsible for this problem.

  • You change the Power adapter.
  • You may charge by Firewire
  • The battery power configuration might be changed.
  • There might be dual settings of power management
  • You may charge the iPod while using some applications 

You can restore the factory settings or recharge the battery with original Power adapter.



Shifflett Laurel

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